Top tips for moving into a third level apartment

Moving your bed, television, dresser, and tables up to a third level apartment is a daunting task. If the apartment building has no elevator, moving into a unit with only stairs can make things more difficult. Let’s understand some important tips to make your move into an apartment a little easier.

Minimize moving volume

As a first step, we recommend that you get rid of as much of the furniture and things that you will obviously no longer use. If you want some good advice, you need to declutter before moving, sell your worn out or old furniture or donate what is usable to different associations.

If your furniture is too damaged or too worn, drop it off at your local waste disposal center! You can also shop around the garage sales!

Disassemble your furniture to move it up the stairs

To move your furniture more easily on the stairs and to avoid carrying too heavy furniture, be efficient: Disassemble your furniture! Keep all the screws and hinges in separate and labeled bags and tape them to your furniture, so as not to forget their place!

Use compressible bags

Another great tip is to put your large and bulky items in compressible bags. These can be quilts, cushions, pillows or blankets. This is an incredible space saving approach and you will have fewer boxes to carry up the stairs!

Ask for help

If you can move the entire contents of an apartment without an elevator yourself, we congratulate you. But it is certainly difficult to do so. Make your move easier by asking for help. Compare moving quotes from removalists Adelaide, it may be more affordable than you think. If you prefer a DIY move, ask friends to chip in, one friend can help you carry heavy items, while another can help you up the stairs. Ask them for a dinner night or some beers in return.

The right moving box

Make sure you seal your moving boxes. To prevent your boxes from opening and unpacking on the stairs, close them well with strong tape.

Choose the boxes that will accommodate your belongings properly. For example, arrange your books upright in a book box, or use a box with compartments to store dishes. These precautions will prevent you from seeing your cardboard tear under the weight in the middle of the stairs!

Wear the right clothes

You are not making a moving fashion statement, so choose clothes based on comfort and safety.

You should wear closed-toe shoes that have a good sole so that you can easily go up and down stairs when handling heavy objects. You probably won’t want to wear your tightest skinny jeans, either.

Bring gloves

Even if it’s 90 degrees outside, bring gloves. Carrying tables, chairs and other wooden objects to your apartment can leave you with injuries. So protecting your hand will be beneficial. It will also enable you to handle heavy objects with a stronger grip.

Wrap your furniture

When you carry tables, chairs, dressers and other sharp objects in a furniture lift, there is a risk of furniture damage. Protect them from possible damage by wrapping them in bubble wrap, blankets or other soft cloth.

Hope these precautions and steps will help you have a safer move to the third level of an apartment.

What are the benefits of apartment living in Adelaide

Apartments have always been a popular choice for those who want to live in the heart of the city or who want a view of the sea and a short walk to the beach.

Apartment living in Adelaide certainly has its advantages. Who wouldn’t want to live in the heart of a bustling city like Adelaide? In case you’re not completely convinced yet, here are the main benefits to consider.

Energy costs

Living in an apartment can be much more profitable than living in a house, both in terms of rent and daily expenses. It is less expensive to heat an apartment which, on the one hand, is smaller than a house, and is also protected from the cold because it belongs to a set (neighboring apartments avoid heat loss). Thus, living in an apartment saves money on your electricity or gas bill.

The facilities

One of the main advantages of apartment living in Adelaide has to be the facilities. How many homes in Adelaide have a rooftop terrace, a heated indoor pool, a gym and a sauna? Not to mention the common work spaces and relaxation areas. Well, you will find apartments in Adelaide offering these all.

Less responsibilities

When you are renting an apartment, if you have a problem, you can call the property manager and have someone take care of it.

Gardening is another important factor to consider. Most of the apartments do not have a private garden, only balconies, which means that if you live in an apartment you do not have to mow the lawn or take care of the plantings.

Instant community access

Living in an apartment building gives you instant access to a community of people. You’ll bump into each other in the elevator or as you swim the lengths of the indoor pool.An ideal location to meet people and have a drink every now and then.

In the case of a private house, whether you are moving to Adelaide from another country, another province, or even just another part of the city, you can sometimes feel a bit lonely.


Most apartments have several entrance “layers”. A main door, a side door or a fire door, then the door to your apartment. Not to mention digital codes, videophones, etc … This makes it more difficult for potential thieves to gain access to your home in a building.

There is also the advantage of living close to others, in other words, your neighbors. It is more difficult for a thief to go unnoticed in the hallways, the stairs or the elevator.

Many apartments are equipped with manned security and reception desks, so you don’t have to worry about security.


Apartment living provides access to top-notch real estate in the heart of the city, right where the action takes place. Most good apartments are located in some of the most desirable locations in Adelaide.

It is also easier to “separate” from an apartment than from a house. The feeling of belonging is often stronger for a house than for a residence or an apartment.